Remoist gumming services

Remoist gum is generally applied to envelopes or mail return cards. At Intelligent Finishing Solutions Ltd, we apply remoist gum in any shape or pattern of sheets.

Reliable gumming applications

Here at Intelligent Finishing Solutions Ltd, our gumming machine can handle a range of remoist gumming applications for a variety of print finishing projects. Our team at Intelligent Finishing Solutions Ltd regularly produce multiple-fold mailers, response forms, enclosures and booklets in a wide range of sizes from A5 2pp up to sheets of 780mm long, we can produce many folded and glued bespoke items to suit all your requirements. We use impact glue, peelable low tack glue and re-moist glue in major direct mail jobs. Call us to find out more about our services.

Personalised mailers

From an A5 2pp to a more complicated bangtail mailer using our Hunkeler mailer we are able to fold and glue with hot melt and cold glues and perforate in line if required. We can also inkjet codes/numbers or personalise in line with the added capability of sealing these items with our low tack peelable glue or a preferred sticker on the forage. Why not turn your item into a one piece mailer?

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